Chippewa Middle School - 123 N 8th Avenue - Des Plaines, IL 60016 - 847-824-1503

I fully endorse the Bully-Safe Program at Thresholds Martial Arts in DesPlaines. I appreciate their non-violent approach to conflict resolution. Bullying is, unfortunately, a prevalent part of kidsí lives. While the schools are invested in bully prevention, I believe kids can benefit from the extra confidence and skills they acquire in the program and with the instructors at Thresholds Martial Arts. I sincerely believe that it is important that kids feel confident to stand up for themselves and their peers. I enrolled three of my own kids in the Bully Safe Program in order for them to be better prepared in the event they encounter bullying either as a victim, or a bystander. My kids look forward to and thoroughly enjoy attending Thresholds. The instructors have created a safe atmosphere, which promotes fitness and the confidence to better handle bullying situations.


Peter Martin
Chippewa Middle School Social Worker

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Dear Mr Shimuk,

Thank you for your help in the 2010 SUPERCOP Boxing & Grappling Exhibition. Your expertise and knowledge in the grappling and jui jitsu event was outstanding. Threshold Martial Arts will be on my referral list for anyone who needs grappling training or help in those style of events. We look forward to your help in our 2011 event and will utilize your instructors as referee's and judges as well as the coordination of our event.

Respectfully, Jim Klauba President Supercop INC

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