Threshold Martial Arts

Threshold Martial Arts: We are home of the 8 time & defending, WORLD Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) Champions, Chicago Landís top rated Muay Thai Kickboxing program and the ultra-crunchy, holistic instructors of Oasis Yoga.

At Threshold, we have a unique culture and instructional methodology that greatly accelerates a students learning, allowing them to exceed goals in less time than traditionally required.

Everyone; young and old, woman and men, large and small - in any variety of the unique shapes we all come in, will find deep layers of value in training at Threshold. Whether your quest is to get into top shape, to learn to defend yourself and loved ones or you realize itís time for a BIG boost of YOU, listenÖwe get it, itís time. Come train with our unique Team whose greatest honor is in helping you.

Threshold Martial Arts
1415 Ellinwood
DesPlaines, IL 60016